About C-hawkk


Office: (785) 542-1800
Fax: (785) 542-1025

C-HAWKK Properties is a family run rental agency specializing in properties throughout the western Kansas City area. C-Hawkk Properties is a branch of C-HAWKK Construction, Inc., an industry leader in traffic control and safety supply, which began in 1989.

C-Hawkk Properties prides itself on offering comfortable and well taken care of homes for its tenants. Renting from a family owned business you enjoy the perks of fair rental pricing, timely and efficient responses to issues, always reaching a "human voice" on the other line and good old fashioned customer service.

The C-Hawkk family has lived in the western Kansas City area for 50+ years and takes pride in preserving its great neighborhoods with beautiful proprieties and excellent tenants!