Tenant Resources

Office: (785) 542-1800
Fax: (785) 542-1025

Listed below for your convenience is the utility company contact information you will need when moving into your new rental. Please contact these organization directly to turn on your electricity, gas, water and trash removal services.   Click Links Below









       -   Visit: cityofbasehor.org


       -  Visit: gardnerkansas.gov




Helpful Q&A

Mail Payments so they will be received by the 5th to:
PO Box 449
Eudora, Kansas 66025

Deliver Payments no later than the 5th to (DO NOT LEAVE PAYMENTS AT DOOR):
527 Main Street
Eudora, Kansas 66025

How do I report a maintenance issue for my rental home? 
For maintenance request, please contact C-Hawkk Properties by calling 785-542-1800 during business hours from 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday. Calls received after business hours will be handled the following business day. For emergencies requiring police or fire response, call 911 and then call C-Hawkk Properties. If you suspect a gas leak, leave the home immediately and contact the gas company’s emergency number, then call C-Hawkk Properties.

What am I "responsible for" at my rental? 
Any issues regarding major appliances that came furnished with your rental and all structural concerns of the property are C-HAWKK's responsibility. Tenant responsibilities include but are not limited to: general cleanliness of home, lawn care (except when the property has an HOA), light bulb replacement, washer/dryer maintenance, garbage pick up and removal, cable hook up, general plumbing, etc. 

Can I paint my home or make other changes? 
Before doing any painting, installing any fixtures, or making any other changes to the property, you must have permission from C-Hawkk Properties. As specified in your lease agreement, you must obtain written authorization from the C-Hawkk Properties before making any changes. Contact us for further information.

Can I install new Cable or Satellite TV Service? 
Professional installation of Satellite dishes is allowed as long as it is not attached to the house. Dishes must be installed as free standing devices in the yard. CLICK HERE for a permission letter to present to you Cable Company.

Can I sub-lease my home or use it in my business? 
You may not sublet your rental or any room from your rental at any time. You also may not operate a business from your rental home, including but not limited to day care, sales, business storage, or any other non-residential business activities.

Can I rent steam cleaner equipment to clean my carpet before moving? 
Your rental agreement requires that all carpets much be cleaned professionally upon moving out.

Will I be charged for maintenance at the property? 
If a resident damages or neglects a property and damage occurs, the resident will be charged for it. Upon move-in and move-out day, you will be required to fill out and sign a inspection checklist. The signed comprehensive checklist will document any existing damage or discrepancies in the home.

CLICK HERE to dowload and print your Move-In & Move-Out Inspection Sheet